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Useful Links

Website Links 

Links to the different programmes we use in school and websites with helpful resources for families can be found below. 


For general information and support:  

Anna Freud: Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families 

Attitudes towards Mental Health: and 

CAMHS: HOME | CAMHS Resources ( 

Childline: Calm zone | Childline 



NHS: Good Thinking - NHS approved wellbeing service | Good Thinking ( 

Place 2 be: 

Rainbow Trust: 

Surrey Council: Health and mental wellbeing - Surrey County Council ( 

Young Minds:  

Zones of Regulation: 


For support on specific mental health needs: 

Anxiety UK: 

Bereavement: Winston's Wish - giving hope to grieving children ( 

Depression Alliance:   

Eating Disorders: and   

National Self-Harm Network:   



Sleep: and 

Suicidal thoughts Prevention of young suicide UK – PAPYRUS:   


Books for Parents/Carers: 

  • Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams - Matthew Walker 

  • What to Do When You Dread Your Bed: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Problems with Sleep - Dawn Huebner 

  • Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems - Richard Ferber 

  • The Awesome Power of Sleep - Nicola Morgan 

  • Reflective Parenting: A Guide to Understanding What's Going on in Your Child's Mind - Alistair Cooper 

  • Helping your Child with Fears and Worries 2nd Edition: A self-help guide for parents. - Cathy Creswell and Lucy Willetts 

  • The Whole Brain child - Daniel Siegel 

  • No Drama Discipline - Daniel Siegel 

  • The Incredible Years - Carolyn Webster-Stratton 

  •  The Reflective Workbook for Parents and Families of Transgender and Non-Binary Children: Your Transition as Your Child Transitions 

  • Skills-based Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder. The New Maudsley Method.' - J. Treasure, G.Smith, A.Crane 

  • Beyond the rough rock: Supporting a child who has been bereaved through suicide (Winston’s Wish) 

  • You just don’t understand: Supporting bereaved teenagers (Winston’s Wish) 

  • The Reality Slap by Russ Harris 

  • Brainstorm: The power and purpose of the Teenage Brain - Dan Siegel 

  • The Book you wish your parents had read….. Philippa Perry 

  • The Explosive Child - Ross Greene 

  • Overcoming….. Series by Cathy Creswell 

  • What every parent needs to know - Margot Sunderland 


Emotions/Wellbeing books for primary-aged children: 


Emotional Regulation: 

  • Big Bright Feelings book series by Tom Percival (Ruby’s Worry, Perfectly Norman, Tilda Tries Again, Ravi’s Roar) 

  • You’ve got dragons - Kathryn Cave & Nick Maland 

  • Fergal is Fuming - Robert Starling 

  • Beautiful Oops- Barney Saltzberg 

  • Relax Kids: The Magic Box 

  • What makes me do the things I do? - Molly Potter and Sarah Jennings 

  • The Colour Monster - Anna Llenas 

  • No Matter What - Debbie Gliori 

  • In my Heart: A book of feelings - Jo Witek 

  • Have you filled a bucket today? A guide to daily happiness for kids - Carol McCloud 

  • Usborne: All About Feelings 

  • Feelings: Inside my heart and inside my head 


Separation Anxiety: 

  • The Invisible String - Patrice Karst 

  • The Kissing Hand - Audrey Penn 

  • Come to school too, Blue Kangaroo - Emma Chichester Clark 



  • Badger’s Parting Gifts - Susan Varley 

  • The day the sea went out and never came back - Margot Sunderland 

  • The Sea Saw - Tom Percival 

  • Muddles, Puddles and Sunshine (Winston’s Wish) 

  • Michael Rosen’s Sad Book 


Difficult events/transitions: 

  • The Arrival - Shaun Tan 

  • The Red Tree - Shaun Tan 

  •  The Invisible - Tom Percival 

  • The Day you Begin - Jacqueline Woodson Workbooks 



  • The Confidence Code for Girls - Katty Kay 

  • Inside Out: a book about me! 

  • Happy Confident Me! workbook 

  • Don’t worry Be happy (anxiety workbook for children) 

  • When my worries get too big (anxiety workbook for children) - Kari Dunn Baron 

  • Starving the Anxiety Gremlin (age 5-9) - Kate Collins-Donelly 

  • You’re a Star (self esteem workbook for children) 


Books for adolescents 

  • It’s not OK to feel blue (and other lies) - Scarlett Curtis 

  • Breathe Out: a creative guide to happiness for teen minds (Mind) 

  • The Mental Health and Wellbeing Workout for Teens - Paula Nagel 

  • The Midnight Library - Matt Haig 

  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here - Patrick Ness 

  • How it feels to Float - Helena Fox 

  • Darius the great is not ok - Adib Khorram 

  • Quiet girl in a noisy world - Debbie Tung 

  • The Sad Ghost Club - Lize Meddings 

  • The Space Between - Meg Grehan 



  • Calm, Headspace, Sleepio, Pzizz 


Resources to support mindfulness and relaxation: 

  • Yoga Pretzels: 50 Fun Yoga Activities for Kids and Grownups (Yoga Cards)  

  • Mindful Kids (Mindful Tots)  


Blogs and Podcasts 

Anna Freud: Blogs (  

Centre for Mental Health: Blogs | Centre for Mental Health 

Mental Health Foundation: Blog | Mental Health Foundation 

Mind: Your Stories - Mind 

NHS: NHS England » Blogs 

Ted Talks: Ideas about Mental health (