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30 Hours Entitlement

Please see below about information regarding 30 hours Entitlement for 3-4 year olds:


Am I entitled to the 30 hours funded hours?

Surrey County Council has provided the details you need to work out if you are entitled to the free childcare.

The extra hours are made available to families where both parents, or the sole parent in a lone parent family:

· are working and earn on average a weekly minimum amount equivalent to working 16 hours at either national minimum wage or national living wage.

· have an income of less than £100,000 each per year.

· live in England (parents who are non-EEA nationals must have recourse to public funds to qualify).


You may still be eligible to apply if you or your partner:

· are taking paid time off work, such as maternity leave, paternity leave or sick leave

· are temporarily away from England for a period of up to six months, such as on military duty


You can also apply if either you or your partner are employed or self-employed and one of you gets one or more of the following benefits:

· contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance

· Carer's Allowance

· Incapacity Benefit or long-term Incapacity Benefit

· Severe Disablement Allowance

· National Insurance credits because of incapacity or limited capability for work

· you've been assessed as having limited capability for work for Universal Credit purposes