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The Curriculum

The curriculum at Town Farm is rich and engaging curriculum that is planned to excite and inspire our learners. Confucius, a famous Chinese philosopher and thinker once said,

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”


Our exciting curriculum is full of opportunities for our pupils to be involved in hands on, practical experiences that develop a love of knowledge and a life long passion for learning. We have carefully developed inspirational curricular for each of our subject areas that challenge their abilities and encourage maximum progress and attainment from all children.



English is taught through The Power of Reading. This is a well established scheme from the Centre of Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) that builds a culture that focuses on ensuring the best practice in the whole class teaching of Literacy.

It achieves this through :-

  • Text-based units of work that place high quality literature at the heart of learning
  • It promotes creative teaching approaches that are proven to raise engagement and attainment
  • It develops a whole school culture that values and fosters the importance of reading FOR PLEASURE
  • Children explore a fictional situations through talk or role-play, they become inspired to write in lots of different genres. 


" Reading and writing float on a sea of talk"  James Britton



We are a Read Write Inc. school and teach our children the English Alphabetic code through a systematic approach. First they learn to read the 40+ sounds and then bend these sounds into words. They learn the same sounds with alternative graphemes. The pupils experience success from the very beginning. Lively phonic books are closely match to their increasing knowledge of phonics and 'tricky' words and, as children re-read the stories, their fluency increases.


Phonics page



White Rose Maths is a challenging and high quality programme delivered within Town Farm Primary School to ensure our pupils receive a rich mathematics curriculum. Built on the ‘mastery’ principle of teaching and learning, pupils are taught to build a deep conceptual understanding of concepts which will enable them to apply their learning in different situations.

The White Rose curriculum is cumulative - each school year begins with a focus on the concepts and skills that have the most connections, which are then applied and connected throughout the school year to consolidate learning. This gives pupils the opportunity to ‘master maths’; by using previous learning throughout the school year, they are able to develop mathematical fluency and conceptual understanding.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that the requirements of National Curriculum for England are fully met. 


The Key principles for quality Mathematics Teaching at Town Farm

  1.          A whole class approach to teaching
  2.          Encourage and model the use of manipulatives and resources
  3.          A CPA (concrete - pictorial - abstract) approach to teaching concepts
  4.          Daily Maths Meetings to help close gaps and consolidate our learning
  5.          High expectations of pupils’ language, engagement and potential
  6.          A CPD approach to mathematical teaching


‘Success For All’ philosophy

Town Farm believes that children receive an exceptional mathematics education through a secure combination of high quality teaching, the creation of a positive learning environment and accurate assessment. These fundamentals sit at the heart of our school ethos, and our inspiring, enthusiastic and dedicated staff are committed to providing this for every child. To ensure our standards remain excellent, we provide a programme of weekly professional development for staff which incorporates subject coaching, teacher reflections, regular staff training, masterclasses and regular feedback. This is delivered by our lead teachers with regular supplemented sessions from professionals possessing a wide range of educational expertise.

As a consequence, our staff are expected to have the highest expectations for every child, not just to achieve strong academic results, but also to become highly successful learners. Our White Rose programme endorses a growth mind-set.  Pupils are shown to see success come from learning, which requires time and effort.  When things get difficult, they try harder, try another approach, or seek help. At Town Farm, we endeavour to develop a growth mind-set within our pupils as we believe pupils perform better in school, thrive on adversity, and develop new ways of coping and progressing.


Science and the Foundation Subjects

'By 2030, every child will be taught a broad and ambitious curriculum in a school with high expectations and strong standards of behaviour. From early years onwards, all children will be taught a broad, ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum' 

Opportunity for all: strong schools with great teachers for your child​

​Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Education by Command of Her Majesty March 2022

In looking at curriculum design, there has been a strong shift away from topic-based teaching approaches and returning to a subject-specific programme of study.​

The DfE recommends, ‘We encourage schools to take a subject-specific approach when prioritising what to teach.’​

 ‘Teaching a broad and balanced curriculum for education recovery’, Department for Education, November 2021 ​

To fulfil these recommendations, the school has chosen to teach subjects discretely. This means that our curriculum offer:


  • Covers the 2014 National Curriculum​

  • Is subject-specific​

  • Is knowledge-rich​

  • Is broad, balanced and ambitious​

  • Assesses knowledge

  • Is knowledge-driven, not activity-driven​



Parent partnerships are vital to enhance learning opportunities. Teachers will inform parents about the learning which will be covered and how they can support this at home. 


The goal of the new curriculum is for pupils to acquire knowledge through a broad, balanced and ambitious offer. At Town Farm Primary School, we are committed to the Town Farm Standard, which at its core, is the relentless pursuit of the highest standards in education. Quality teaching and learning raises standards of achievement for all pupils and equips them with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to become autonomous, life-long learners who will aspire to lead successful lives as responsible citizens.




We follow Surrey's agreed syllabus for Religious Education, which covers the main faiths practiced around the world.

We aim to enable children to gain knowledge and understanding of the most important aspects of religion, such as an appreciation of the beliefs of others and respect for themselves and those in our community and country.

SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural) values are embedded in all areas of the curriculum.



PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic education and is defined as a school curriculum intended to strengthen knowledge, skills, and connections. Specifically, it is intended to keep children and young adults healthy and safe while equipping them with the fortitude to handle the challenges of adult life. We use the Jigsaw scheme to teach PSHE throughout the school, which is divided into age-appropriate programmes of study which include:


  • Emotional Literacy 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Relationships and Health 
  • Social Skills 
  • Spiritual Development 




Spanish MFL (Modern Foreign Language)

Learning a foreign language is an essential skill that opens pupils up to other cultures and provides further opportunities in our curriculum to foster pupils’ curiosity, deepening their understanding of the world – creating globally resilient, international citizens.  

Languages are part of the cultural richness of our society and the world in which we live and work.  In order for our pupils to celebrate and welcome differences in our world, it is vital they have an understanding of different languages and countries.  By introducing and exposing our pupils to this they will have a deepened ability to show respect and play a valuable part in our global society.  To achieve this, we envisage through our MFL curriculum, to inspire a love of language as part of their lifelong journey of learning. 

MFL lessons in our school give children opportunities to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond to its speakers, both verbally and in writing. Pupils have opportunities to learn songs and read age-appropriate literature with access to a language library. We use Primary Languages Network to deliver a creative curriculum for pupils from Year 3 to Year 6.


Ultimately, MFL lessons at Town Farm contribute to mutual understanding, a sense of global citizenship and personal fulfilment. The ability to understand and communicate in another language is a valuable skill for education, employment and leisure throughout the world. 





As a school, we recognise the positive impact music has on our pupils' progress and wellbeing. To do this, we use a music scheme Charanga, which explores the different aspects of music through a central song. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn the songs (either through singing or humming), explore key rhythms and compositional skills to progress musically. 

Throughout the year, pupils will be exposed to a range of instruments and will have the chance to compose songs using our school instruments. The scheme also offers children the chance to continue their musical learning at home through 'Yumu' where their teachers may choose to upload learning.

As well as furthering pupils’ musical knowledge, music also teaches pupils transferable skills required for everyday life: creative thinking; problem solving and effective collaboration. 





Visits and visitors have been carefully planned into our curriculum programme to enrich our pupils’ learning experience and provide an extra level of cultural capital to further engage them in their learning. Introducing pupils to a wide range of experts also opens up pupils’ minds to the possibilities for further study and employment in the adult world. We are determined through our rich curriculum to show pupils what a wonderful world we live in, encourage them to think about the opportunities that lie ahead of them and instil in them the importance of education and lifelong learning in fulfilling their dreams.



All children’s work and progress is assessed regularly and this information is used to set challenging targets and improve achievement. Children are also encouraged to assess themselves so that they can identify the next steps in their learning. 

Statutory and formal assessments are also undertaken throughout the school year.



Curriculum Maps


You can view our curriculum maps via the class pages below: