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Mini Parliament

Our Members of Parliament (MPs) represent the views of all our pupils. This democratic structure mirrors that of our own country. Each MP voted in represents the voice of their constituency/class and are role models for the Town Farm Standard.


We are committed to listening to the views, wishes and experiences of all our pupils. Every pupil needs to know they are in a safe and secure environment where they can express themselves respectfully and share what is important to them. All views are valued, listened to and there are multiple opportunities to share them. One way we achieve this positive approach to our pupils’ mental health is through our Mini Parliament.


Our Mini Parliament plays an active part in school life at Town Farm Primary School. The MPs are elected democratically after having the opportunity to address their peers as to how they will fulfil their duties. Every class has two MPs voted to represent the pupil voice across the school. It is important everyone knows they are listened to and can make a difference.


We need our pupils support in ensuring we achieve the highest standards of education at Town Farm. All MPs are familiar with our strategic School Development plan, work collectively to shape our objectives and are pivotal in all key decisions affecting their education. Recently, pupils have selected our catering provider Radish, designed our new play equipment, fundraised for new benches, supported PTA cake sales and donated resources for our Mindfulness Club.


Our MPs are distinguishable by their gold and black ties. They are a highlight for our visitors in school with their challenging questions about our values, roles in society and future aspirations. Even in our recruitment process, potential candidates meet our MPs who assess them against the Town Farm Standard.


Our Mini Parliament, as in the House of Commons, each have their own department. 

Department of Education

Quality of Education

  • Curriculum Design
  • Teaching
  • Attendance
  • Governance
  • Clubs

Department of Justice

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Attitudes to learning
  • Behaviour and Respect
  • Safeguarding


Department of Communities 

  • Parent Partnership
  • Charitable aims
  • PTA

Department of Health and Social Care

Personal Development

  • Health and wellbeing
  • British values
  • Equality and diversity

Department of Environmental Affairs

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Lunchtimes
  • Vision and ethos (school)
  • -Recycling



Every department is lead by our Year 5 or Year 6 pupils, who create an action plan for the year ahead in line with school priorities.


This year we are proudly working in partnership with Elkan to train our MPs as Wellbeing ambassadors. Building healthy relationships across the school and removing the stigma around mental health is proven to increase learning, creativity and productivity. Our MPs impact extends beyond Town Farm as they provide care in the community by supporting local events. This includes the Remembrance Day parade, visiting local care homes and writing to MPs about local issues that matter to them.

Bringing challenge to leaders in their pursuit of the Town Farm Standard, they are exemplary role models for our school values. This passion is most productive in the Healthy Relationship Ambassador responsibilities they have with formal training undertaken as part of their induction into this prestigious role.