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Mini Parliament

Our Members of Parliament (MP) represent the views of all our pupils. This democratic structure mirrors that of our country. Each MP voted in represents the views of their constituency/class.  

Our Mini Parliament plays a very active part in school life at Town Farm Primary School. The MPs are elected democratically after a thrilling campaign at the start of the new school year in September. Our Y6 pupils write their manifestos in line with the School Development plan and present to their voters, often canvassing during break times.

On Polling day, all pupils and adults across the school including governors are welcomed with their voting card ready to elect a party to run for the school year. Every class has two MPs voted to represent the pupil voice across the school. It is important everyone knows they are listened to and can make a difference.

The MPs, as in the House of Commons, each have their own department.



Quality of Education

  • Curriculum Design
  • Teaching
  • Attendance
  • Governance
  • Clubs


Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Attitudes to learning
  • Behaviour and Respect
  • Safeguarding


Community and Charity 

  • Parent Partnership
  • Charitable aims
  • PTA

Health and Social Care

Personal Development

  • Health and wellbeing
  • British values
  • Equality and diversity

Environment and food

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Lunchtimes
  • Vision and ethos (school)
  • Play –opal
  • -Recycling



The elected MPs choose a department to join based upon their interests and create an action plan for the year.


Last year ‘The Awesome Party’ were elected into parliament and exemplified our Town Farm values with their conscientious approach to their constituents. They kept their campaign promises and secured additional seating in the playground through the generosity of the PTA. A school pet was secured with a pair of friendly guinea pigs and a sound speaker secured to improve the experience of visitors in the waiting area at Town Farm.

The Awesome Party are passionate about improving the environment and started working towards an eco-award for the school. A real highlight of the year was meeting our local MP Kwasi Kwarteng and asking about his journey into politics. Of course with so much happening, the MPs wanted to make sure they kept everyone informed and launched their own Parliament Press!

Presentations are made to the Extended Leadership, Leadership and Governors about any ideas and changes they would like. The extension to our playground and new play equipment are just two of the improvements to our school that were initiated by the councillors.


They also choose our charity for the year and take on additional responsibilities throughout the school.


They are very approachable and ready to listen.