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Our curriculum is informed by, but not limited to the Real PE scheme and the national curriculum for physical education and aims to ensure that all pupils: 


  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities 

  • are physically active for sustained periods of time 

  • engage in competitive sports and activities 

  • lead healthy, active lives 


At Town Farm, PE is taught by a specialist teacher in years R and Years 3-6. Our teachers in Nursery and Years 1-2 teach their classes PE. 


Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle is a priority. As a school, we aim to foster a love of physical activity and its importance in living a healthy active lifestyle. We want to give our pupils the opportunity to enjoy physical activity and give them the chance to be competitive both with themselves and their classmates. We aim for as many pupils as a possible to be able to represent the school in Intra House competitions with other schools within the authority. To increase participation, we also organise half termly Inter House sport competitions, alongside Sports Day. 


The curriculum is sequenced to ensure progression in skills and knowledge from the EYFS, following ‘Development Matters’ guidance until pupils leave us at the end of key stage 2; a repetition-based approach by over-learning the same physical skills each year enables a more secure, deeper learning and mastery. The curriculum is designed to ensure that knowledge and skills for each year are mapped to ensure progression and continuity.  This ensures that pupils develop their skills systematically, building their knowledge from one year to the next, covering five different areas of sport: athletics, gymnastics, dance, games and outdoor and adventure activities. 




We use REAL PE, a clear and comprehensive scheme of work, to plan and deliver lessons which show progression of skills from the EYFS through KS2 within the different strands of PE. Pupils are provided with opportunities to develop and build upon skills which engage and challenge them, whilst building confidence. They are encouraged to try new techniques and become confident and competent in the use of specific equipment for a wide variety of games and activities. A key focus is on pupils bettering their own achievements, not that of others. Teachers model and inspire pupils to use a range of skills which they can practise and improve lesson by lesson. Pupils are assessed during lessons, where challenges are given to pupils who have mastered activities.


We welcome Cricket coaches to the school in the Summer Term to provide specialist cricket sessions for pupils. Years 2, 3 and 4 participate in weekly swimming lessons, which allows pupils to meet the NC requirements for swimming in Key Stage 2. A football coach attends the school once a week and provides coaching at lunchtimes for a different year group every week. 


Boys and girls participate in football leagues within the borough, where they develop teamwork and a competitive edge with their peers. 



The children complete each key stage with a high proficiency in each aspect of PE.  Children are aware of the link between physical activity and good mental health and understand its significance as part of a healthy lifestyle.  The school achieves well in a number of sporting activities.