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Parent Partnership

Welcome to the Parent Partnership page. Each term Town Farm offers a number of parent drop-in sessions and workshops covering a range of subject areas. They are well attended and parents suggest themes and topics for future workshops through our evaluations and questionnaires. If you have a suggestion, please let us know.

Parent Workshop Timetable Autumn Term 2022:






Led by

19th October

2.45pm – Upper School Hall

Phonics for EYFS/KS1

To provide practical ways for parents to support phonics at home.

Mrs Brunton

22nd November

2.45pm – Upper School Hall

How we engage pupils to write (KS2)

How to engage children to write at home and what we do at school.

Mrs Ravenor

29th November

2.45pm – Upper School Hall

How we teach Maths at school and practical strategies for home

Showing parents to CPA approach to maths. Applying maths knowledge at home.

Mrs Elias

Please see below for the parent sessions that have already taken place:

Open Evening November 2022

Home and school are the two most powerful influences on children and only by working together can we ensure children get the best education.


Do please help us by:

- Talking to your child about school work. Show your children that you are interested and want them to do well.

- Seeing that your child comes to school alert, in good time and having had sufficient sleep and breakfast.

- Making sure your child comes to school sensibly dressed without jewellery and wearing the school uniform.

- Encouraging your child to read at home and using the reading record system.

- Ensuring that any spellings or homework are completed.

- Trying to provide your child with a quiet atmosphere to complete any homework.

- Teaching your child to respect the school and its rules and support the school’s Behaviour Policy.

- Ensuring your child does not bring any toys, sweets, money or chewing gum into school.