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Our curriculum

We have a key role in promoting pupils’ positive mental health and helping to prevent mental health problems. Our school has developed a range of strategies and approaches including;  


Pupil-led Activities  

· Campaigns and assemblies to raise awareness of mental health   

· Mini Parliament manifesto focus  


Transition Support   

· Support for vulnerable children, for example, Speech and Language (SALT) support small group work such as Lego Therapy or Social Communication groups   

· Transition meetings with parent/carers, pupils and relevant staff   

· Yearly Transition Passports for all children   

· Key Adults might support secondary school visits with vulnerable pupils   


Class Activities   

· Worry monster   

· Class check-in boxes   

· Soft start activity choice  

· Mindfulness and breathing/meditation in class to start Jigsaw   

· Classroom wellbeing area and signposting  


Whole School   

·Town Farm values assemblies and other themes  

·Achievement and effort certificates  

· Using the Power of Reading to explore themes and learn about emotions, difference, loss, bullying, change, resilience, etc.   

· Displays and information around the school about positive mental health and where to go for help and support both within the school and outside the school   

·Promote and create community events to widen the sense of belonging  


Small Group Activities   

· Small friendship, social skills groups for ELSA   

· Lunch Club support  

·Playground friendship stop  


·Zones of Regulation  

· Sensory Room for those children who are finding the classroom overwhelming   

· Mindfulness Club 


Teaching about Mental Health and Emotional Well-being   

 Through the curriculum, emotional wellbeing and resilience are embedded in a number of ways in:  

  • PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)  

  • RSE (Relationships and Sex Education)  

  • Science: Healthy lifestyle – eating and exercise  

  • Computing: Online Safety  

  • PE: sportsmanship and resilience  

  • Behaviour: restorative justice approach  


As a school, we also celebrate key events throughout the year: Mental Health Day, Anti-bullying week, Black History Month, Online Safety Week, Stress Awareness Week, Autism Awareness month, Dream Big and many more.