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Week beginning 29th June

Dear Beethoven and Mozart,


What a blisteringly hot week we have just experienced, we hope none of you melted away and were able to find a cool part of your homes to concentrate on your home learning. Obviously we want you all to enjoy spending time with your families in such great weather but please remember your sun safety tips: apply sun cream regularly, drink lots of water throughout the day and wear a hat. Thank you to all of those pupils who sent work into the school last week, we have enjoyed reading through your efforts and will be contacting you later in the week.


Hopefully you will all remember the four B’s by now. But just in case they’ve slipped your mind in the heat, here they are again:


Please remember the four B’s this week:

1. Be kind

2. Be helpful

3. Be patience

4. Be the best version of yourself.


For week 12 home learning, we have posted another detailed collection of activities and lessons for you to complete. This week, our tasks include:

· A week on ‘Mathematical Reasoning’ which features a selection of short problems to complete every day. Remember to provide your reasoning and explanations. You can also decide to log onto your Mangahigh accounts and complete the activities and games assigned to you.


· Your five English lessons are based on the classic children’s novel ‘Charlotte’s Web’ by E B White. Although this is just an extract, we highly recommend you try to find a copy to read in full!


· Our Wider Curriculum this week provides you with a range of learning tasks on different subjects from our foundation curriculum including Science, History, PE and French. Use the resource sheets to help structure your work and access the video links.


· The Great 8 continues with another set of interactive challenges which help to develop different learning strategies and skills. This is a fun collection of ideas and activities which can be done with friends and family. We would love to hear about how you are getting on with them!


Don’t forget, all work can be posted outside the school gates or emailed directly to the school. So in the meantime, keep washing your hands, doing a little exercise every day and showing kindness and patience with your family.


Stay happy and healthy


Mr Ward, Mr Budd and Mrs Hawkes

Links to online learning:



This week our optional online lessons are focused on reading skills, helping to improve both your fluency and inference skills simultaneously.



This week you can sharpen your financial skills by calculating with money. This might persuade your parents/carers to let you help them with the weekly shopping!


Wider Curriculum

More activities and lessons to help broaden your knowledge and understanding of different topics. All of these lessons have been provided previously at school across the years but it is always good to refresh your memory!