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Week beginning 15th June

Dear Beethoven and Mozart,


We are both back at school teaching every day and it has been really great to be back learning again. However, we real feel there is one thing missing….and that is all of you in Year 4! It remains a strange time for all of us and I’m sure you are missing seeing your friends and following the daily routines that we were all used to. However, all we can ask of you right now is to continue to make the most of your time at home with your family. Be kind. Be helpful. Be patience. Be the best version of yourself.


Although we can’t be together at the moment, we hope you are making some time each day to do your best with the home-learning provided on the class page. This week is week 10 of the home learning and here is a summary of what you can expect:


· Maths is focused on mass, volume and length. You can decide to complete the problems and questions on the sheet or log onto your Mangahigh accounts.

· English is a series of activities on an extract from ‘Noah Barleywater Runs Away’.

· Wider Curriculum provides you with a range of learning tasks on different subjects from our foundation curriculum including Science, History and PE. Use the resource sheets to help.

· The Great 8 continues with another set of interactive challenges which help to develop different learning strategies and skills. Do as many as you can!


We would love to see some of your hard work with the home learning so would like to encourage you to send us in some of the pieces of work you are proudest of. Your parents will be able to email the work to the school - they could take a photo of it. However, remind them to say which class and first name the work belongs to otherwise it could end up with the wrong teacher! Alternatively, if you fancy getting some air outside, you could take a walk with your family and post your work in the school post box which will be located outside the main school gates. We can’t wait to read through your efforts, we know we will be impressed!


We would also like to remind you about the importance of staying safe and healthy whilst at home. Washing your hands regularly is very important although singing loudly for at least twenty seconds is optional but highly recommended. You should also try to do exercise everyday which could include a walk, a bike-ride or just jumping up and down on the spot for ten minutes like a Jackalope!


Finally, we hope you will join us in wishing some of our class friends birthday wishes! Although we have been sad not to have been able to join you in person to celebrate your big days, you were in our wishes. We would love to hear about some of your lockdown birthday adventures.

· In April, there was Harrison, Ashton, Aaryan, Violet, Megan, Ragan, Teagan, Latifa and Gracie!

· In May, there was Dilraj, Maggie, Han and Leo.

· In June, we have also had Mahi, Hemang and Eli.

· Finally, we would like you all to sing happy birthday to Frankie tomorrow! We all hope you have a great day too.


We hope you and your family have a lovely week and we look forward to receiving some of your fantastic work soon. Good bye for now!


Stay Happy and Healthy

Mr Ward, Mr Budd and Mrs Hawkes

Take a look at these online activities to support your learning this week:



Continue to improve your writing style with a revision of some of important grammar and punctuation skills we have looked at previously this year


For those of you who still find fractions tricky to master, these activities might help give you a different way of understanding the concepts


Wider Curriculum

Sometimes its fun to learn about new concepts and ideas that we won't have a chance to study during the school year. The following activities are very interesting and contain lots of ideas and concepts which are good to know.