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Rivers Competition

Rivers are vital for humans and the environment. What’s your local river and what is special about it?


For your chance to win £100 for your school* and help us celebrate World Rivers Day!

Get involved and enter our competition – Me and my River 2020

We are asking students (aged 5-11) to think about their local river and create work that reflects its importance to them and the local community. This is a chance for students to get creative and we will be looking for entries in the following six categories:

  • Art (KS1, KS2) – examples might include painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, model making, collage, posters
  • Written (KS1, KS2) – examples might include a fiction or non-fiction story, news report, poem, letter, diary
  • Action (KS1, KS2) – examples might include film/video, animation, music, drama, dance, theatre


How it works:

  1. Find out about your local river
  2. Ask an adult (e.g. your parent/guardian/teacher) to help you find a safe place to visit your local river (or research it online if you are unable to visit it)
  3. Choose something about the river that interests you (it could be more than one thing!)
  4. Make something creative (art, written or action) to tell us about it!
  5. Ask an adult to share your work with us with us on social media for your chance to win £100 for your school!*


Deadline: 5pm on 23rd September 2020


Read more about the competition here.

*Terms and Conditions apply – for further details click here.