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Message to Johnson Class

Dear Johnson class


The classroom is waiting for children to return,

Being there to teach is something I yearn.

The laughter echoes around the walls,

Many memories dance in the halls. 


For now is a time to be safely tucked out of sight,

Stay home and clap for carers on a Thursday night.

Look after yourselves with rest and sleep

You can find something to do in your thoughts so deep. 


I taught my son chess - I love to play,

Reading glorious books - all day.

You can try a new hobby like making a lava lamp,

STEM online is where I camp. 


Busy is how I like to be

Preparing fun things for you to see.

When you visit the website class pages

You will find work, it won’t take ages.


Miss Alefounder sends her best,

With her dog Dolly she never rests.

She spends time planting flowers

With her super gardening powers! 


Special time to enjoy with our families,

Stroll for an hour to listen to the trees.

Breathing fresh air makes me feel inspired in a way,

To be brave, keep going, this virus will blow away.


I wish you all well and your families to be safe

Remember Town Farm is always our place.

Thinking of our whole community,

We are in this together - unity.


Mrs Ravenor and Miss Alefounder

A message for Maksim