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Home Learning 

The school is open for pupils in the Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 6 and Key Workers' children.

Any pupils not attending can access online learning here:



The National Oak Academy,


BBC Bitesize


Early Years


Home learning for Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 can be accessed as usual from the class pages.


Or please use any of the DFE approved websites, which can be accessed via Online Resources below.


During the partial school closure, it is very important that the children who remain at home continue their learning. 

We hope the resources provided and the tasks set are self-explanatory and easy for you to follow so you should not need to contact your child’s class teacher to ask for further help about the work. Please be aware, it will be extremely difficult for staff to be available to respond as they may either be self-isolating themselves at home or be at school, caring for the children that we remain open for.

All of the work can be recorded in an exercise book, or on paper and should be kept and returned to their class teacher when we return to school. Our recommendation is that the children complete some home learning each day: English, Maths and IPC. We realise, however, you may have to adjust their schedule around your working patterns and child care arrangements.  The work should be completed to the best of your child’s ability and the same high standard we would expect at school by the end of each week. Please reinforce this message at home. If your child finishes their work, please take a look at our online resources for additional activities.


Thank you for your continuing support and we wish you and your families the best of health.

Approved online resources from the Department for Education


The DfE has brought together a list of online educational resources to help children to learn at home. These websites have been identified by some of the country’s leading educational experts and offer a wide range of support and resources for pupils of all ages.

The list includes subject-specific resources for English, Maths, Science, PE, Wellbeing and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and are currently being offered for free.


These resources are not intended to replace a school’s planned curriculum, but may be useful for you in considering how to further support your children’s education.


Please follow the links below to find the online resources.

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