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Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Anti-Bullying Week 2020: United Against Bullying

Anti-bullying week took place this year between Monday 16th and Friday 20th November.  The theme this year was “United Against Bullying.” The aims of this week were to help children and young people, school staff, parents and other professionals who work with children to understand that whether it is verbal, physical, online or in-person, bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life well in to adulthood. If we work together and make small changes, we can make a big difference and break this cycle to create safe environments for everyone.

The Anti-Bullying Week 2020 manifesto for change:

“This year, more than ever, we’ve witnessed the positive power that society can have when we come together to tackle a common challenge. 

Anti-Bullying Week is no different. Bullying has a long lasting effect on those who experience and witness it. But by channelling our collective power, through shared efforts and shared ambitions, we can reduce bullying together. From parents and carers, to teachers and politicians, to children and young people, we all have a part to play in coming together to make a difference. 

We’re all a piece in the puzzle, and together, we’re united against bullying.”




Town Farm Primary School is proud to support the Anti-Bullying Alliance in bringing the Anti-Bullying Week to life. Odd Socks Day marked the first day of Anti-Bullying Week where children and adults wear odd socks to school or work to celebrate what makes us all unique.

Year 5 Hawking Class “We love Odd Socks day!”

“My socks feel so comfortable; I like anti-bullying week!”

“I don’t have to look for the other one and I feel different which I enjoy.”

“They make me feel special and different in my own way.”

During the week every class participated in a variety of lessons and assemblies exploring ways in which we can stand united against bullying within our school community and who to turn to if it should happen to us.


Here are some of the great things the pupils did and lessons they learned:

Y5 Hawking Class

A new motto for our class: ‘IT IS OKAY TO NOT FEEL OKAY….’

Reflections from Year 5:

We are all the same and yet we are all different. No-one is normal.

Being normal is being yourself.

Everybody is actually extraordinary!

   I am different and I am special.

Lessons and Reflections