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Anti-Bullying Week 2018

Anti-Bullying Week 2018


On 12th November 2018 we held Anti-Bullying week at Town Farm. Every class in the school had a lesson about what bullying is and how to stop it happening in our school.


The children talked about the fact that in order for a person’s actions to be called bullying they have to be repeated. Falling out with a friend one day and making up the next is not bullying. Being unkind to someone day after day is bullying. To remember this, the pupils learned the STOP mnemonic:

S – several

T – times

O – on

P – purpose


Pupils were taught that Town Farm is a telling school and that if they are bullied it is important to:


Start Telling Other People


Children also came up with other ways to stop bullying:

· Look out for others

· Tell a teacher or someone you trust

· If safe talk to the bully and ask them to stop

· If your friend is being bullied, go over and ask them if they would like to play with your or tell a teacher what you think is happening


The children were then set a whole school homework challenge to come up with some ideas about how we can beat bullying. They were able to present this in any way they chose to create an impact. We were delighted at the fantastic response and the effort that the pupils put into their work, which included posters, models and even book marks and badges printed on a 3-D printer!


People who are being bullied often feel very alone. It can feel as if no-one cares or even that other people are on the bully’s side if they don’t speak up. If you think your friend is being bullied, say something! Speak to your friend, to a teacher/teaching assistant/lunch supervisor.


We want all the children at Town Farm Primary to feel safe at school.


To find out more about the Anti-Bullying Alliance 2018 campaign, please click on the link below.